Happy 3 years boys

I can’t even begin to explain how much the boys mean to me I’ve been a fan since about September 2011 after my friend show me and a bunch of other people wmyb in school. I didn’t think I would like them and was making fun of them (even though I thought they were really cute). Later in like October the same friend was talking about harry and I was thinking about that video so I went home and watched it again and completely fell in love. I watched all the video diaries and as much interviews as i could. At first I was a full on Liam girl and I just loved his hair he was adorable. Then I moved on to being a Zayn girl for like a week and I also when through a Louis phase for like 2 weeks. After that I was in my niall girl stage for about a year. After my niall stage I finally realized that I loved harry (I never used to think I was able to like him bc of the whole “directionator” thing) I’ve loved him ever since and idc what anyone says. But anyway my point is that I love these boys more than life and I can’t believe they’ve been together for 3 years! I honestly love this fandom and how we can do anything as a family (LIKE GETTING BSE TO BREAK THE RECORD!!!) THANK YOU ONE DIRECTION FOR CHANGING MY LIFE AND HAPPY 3 YEARS!!!! They didn’t win xfactor but they won my heart