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Hey guys could you please put some of your favorite 1D blogs in my ask it would be much appreciated!!! Thank you!

Sorry for the lack of posting on this blog! I’ll try to get back in the groove soon!! thank you for all of you who have not unfollowed xx

Ok and about the slur all louis said was nig like ?

I don’t really have a problem with the fact that zouis is smoking like probably half (+) the kids in your high school smoke weed but the fact that louis is stupid enough to film it and it’s leaked is just… Like he’s what 21 now ?? You’d think he’d know better and be more responsible than that tbh especially being the oldest

Happy 3 years boys

I can’t even begin to explain how much the boys mean to me I’ve been a fan since about September 2011 after my friend show me and a bunch of other people wmyb in school. I didn’t think I would like them and was making fun of them (even though I thought they were really cute). Later in like October the same friend was talking about harry and I was thinking about that video so I went home and watched it again and completely fell in love. I watched all the video diaries and as much interviews as i could. At first I was a full on Liam girl and I just loved his hair he was adorable. Then I moved on to being a Zayn girl for like a week and I also when through a Louis phase for like 2 weeks. After that I was in my niall girl stage for about a year. After my niall stage I finally realized that I loved harry (I never used to think I was able to like him bc of the whole “directionator” thing) I’ve loved him ever since and idc what anyone says. But anyway my point is that I love these boys more than life and I can’t believe they’ve been together for 3 years! I honestly love this fandom and how we can do anything as a family (LIKE GETTING BSE TO BREAK THE RECORD!!!) THANK YOU ONE DIRECTION FOR CHANGING MY LIFE AND HAPPY 3 YEARS!!!! They didn’t win xfactor but they won my heart